Time Management and Writing

busy-peopleThe other day I was on Goodreads, and briefly discussed with another author my struggles with having so much to do outside of writing, and it leaves me very little time to even think about jotting down ideas or anything.

She told me that I need to just focus on the quality of my work not the quantity. So, that started me thinking, okay, maybe she’s right, well, I’m sure she is because she has had five books published. Anyways, I decided that I was going to use the curse of time management to my advantage. Then I remembered my first College teacher telling me and the rest of the class to at least write ten to fifteen minutes a day, and set aside one day out of the week to spend just taking care of you. Whether it be writing, reading or whatever truly relaxes and inspires you.

So, today, that is what I’m doing. I will be working on only things that have to do with writing for the most part. Instead of my day being filled mostly with business, schoolwork and housework, it will be filled with jotting ideas down, working on blogs, reading my friends blogs, and so forth.

They say it takes three weeks to form a habit and to always start something new on Mondays, so here we go world!


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