One Word Prompt

“Hope is what we crave” are a few words from a song that I like by a great Christian Band.These words at random times pop into my head. It is almost if God knows that I need to hear this at that moment.

These words are true. Aren’t we all hoping for something in our lives? Sorry if my English is not grammatically correct. 🙂

We crave hope when we are battling or struggling with something or even someone. We crave hope when we see horrific things on television; such as a natural disaster that has wiped out a community, or when cops are afraid to do their job anymore, when children and animals are beaten neglected, when they have no voice; they crave hope.

I wasn’t sure what word I would pick, perhaps all, but regret was the first one I thought of, because I have plenty of that, but then when I began this post, those five words popped into my head. The decision was made, and I hope that you all will enjoy these thoughts.

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