Inspirational Place to Write

Currently, I have three spaces where I write, or where I can write legibly and in peace. I have a desk downstairs, a small art desk in my bedroom, and a laptop tray. Yes, these are not the ideal places right now, but if I had to pick one out of the three, then it would be my art desk. Surrounding my art desk is some art supplies, a calendar full of trees, stereo, candles, and things that my kids and grandkids have made for me. The only thing that is missing from this space is a picturesque view of a lake and mountains with birds chirping nearby and the rustling of leaves.

My writing habits, well, they are not where they should be, but, ideally, they would be to write something each day that is not work or school related. What I have done in the past is the following: Jotting ideas down while I’m on the road for work. Being inspired by a walk on a quiet road. Watching a beautiful sunrise or sunset. Animals, trees, and nature in general is what inspires me to write. So as long as I have a pen, scrap paper and quiet, I can write down at least ideas. Sometimes I have found inspiration through talking with a complete stranger or classmate.

Please feel free to share with me any creative ideas that you might have for me at my contact page. Thank you for taking sometime out of your day for me.

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