Quote of the Day

I chose this quote because it reminded me of who I am.

Reminded me of the many times that I’ve quit things. Wanted to quit things.

The most recent memory of quitting was earlier this year when I thought about dropping out of school. There was so much going on in my life that school seemed unimportant. I didn’t really reach out to anyone, but God, and even him, not so much. I just didn’t care anymore. I told myself that I was being foolish for thinking that I could become an author, that I could be anything more than what others have told me in the past, even myself.

Then hit it me, why did I start this? I went to college to enhance my skills and follow my dream. I am too close to stop now. The other thing that I told myself is that I need to stop running, to stop giving up, unless I am willing to live with another added guilt trip, live with another item on the regret and resentment list; so I stayed and I am graduating next May.

That is what this quote reminds me of. I feel that God led me to this quote as a reminder to keep going.

Another good aspect of this quote could be viewed as why someone started an addiction, like alcohol, drugs or cigarettes, etc… Yes, I know that the quote isn’t completely referring to that, but if you think about it, why did you start drinking, doing drugs, smoking cancer sticks, etc. All you have to do is really look at that quote and ask yourself why you started doing whatever it is that you know is bad for you and your body, then you will be on your way to quitting.


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