Back porch

I sit nearby watching my adorable cat watching the world around him.

It’s funny to watch him chase leaves flying around.

A local bird flies just over the top of his head.

Taunting him. Mocking him.

“Don’t you wish that you could catch me you fat old cat.”

Buttercup jumps up just as the bird finishes his tweeting.

Inches away from his target.

The bird flies over the fence into the safety of a nearby pine.

Buttercup prowls down to the edge of the fence.

Muttering in a way that only cats can do. His teeth seem to be chattering.

His tail points like a hound dog on the hunt.

More birds swoop overhead, joining in the heckling from the previous autumn bird that nearly became his lunch.

The wind picks up.

Leaves swoop near him. He doesn’t know which way to go: to the birds in the trees or the maple leaf inches away from him.

A child goes running up the path near us. This causes Buttercup to run like a cheetah to the back door. Scratching at the door with a look of fear.

This is just another day in the life of my cat.

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