Nature and Coffee

If we were having coffee… Our day would start out with a fresh baked pastry from the local bakery. As we bit into each soft bite, we would talk about our dreams of the future.

If we were having coffee…. I would tell you how much I love you. I would embrace you as if you were my favorite cappuccino as I peered over the wooden railing over looking our new picturesque view.

If we were having coffee….or tea…. You would tell me of all your adventures in Japan that you may have left out over the past two years. I would apologize for my fear of flying that I missed seeing you in your own apartment and missed seeing all of your wonderful friends. You would show me all of the pictures that you took of the various sights that you know that I would like.

If we were having coffee…. here on our new porch, in our new home, in our new life; I would tell you how grateful I was to have you in my life. Thank you for helping me throughout the years. Tell you about the wonderful adventures that I want to write about in my new book. In my new book where we are having coffee.





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