Hello readers! How was everyone’s holiday? Mine was uneventful, which is good when non- holiday days are filled with events. So, last night I told a friend and colleague that I needed to go to sleep, or at least try. Well, I failed and now I suffer. Today’s tasks and other things raced through my mind as if it was a tape being fast forwarded. Midnight is when we are supposed to be sleeping, but it is not always the case for some of us. It’s like a second wind blowing in unexpected and unwanted. The one thing that lingered on my mind is how to free my book from the clutches of a crooked company. It was said that I could revise it under a new name, and although that is a thought, I feel as if I’m losing. I’m not sure if I can have the same story under a new name with the library of Congress. The other disturbing thought is that this crooked company would always have my book and make money off of it as they may be doing now. Their reputation haunts mine. What to do? What to do?

Finally, I apologize for not being here lately and not checking your thoughts. I promise to be better about that.


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  1. Since my–rather large–life change, last July, I suffer from a bit more insomnia than I care to admit. Last night was just another of these nights, but I was able to channel the restlessness into a story. I don’t wish the anxiety on anyone; however, it’s a little comforting to know I’m not the only one afflicted. Good luck with the book!


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