Impromptu Spark

We travel through life overlooking things. Things that we may think offer no inspiration, but can. I had a conversation with my boyfriend the other day about not feeling inspired to write. Mainly, this feeling was due to driving through a bumpy, annoying and stressful part of our route. I don’t remember what prompted the conversation, but I do remember some of what he said.

He began humorously spouting off about a few businesses that we passed through Framingham, also known as “Crash City”. At first, there was no spark, but then moments later a funny story formed. It may even fit on a postcard. Here is what we came up with:

Filled with saddlery

Shoes head over to Odessa Shoe Repair

While the feet, though small, darted to the Kid’s Room

I myself slinked over the lane to play with Roger’s Piano

He did not remember our treaty, our pact

Upset with this revelation, this cruel joke

My thirst erupted, thrusting me to the Wine’s East

Merging west with California’s Closet

There I sat hidden in an ecru shell near the rear, no one the wiser

Waiting sleepily for Dunkin to pick me up with their donuts and java

And so, we traveled the 9; cars veering left and right around us.

Never looking at us. Their eyes closed to the world around them, but opened to the glare of their phone.

“Hee Haw Hee Haw”

What’s that, you ask

Why, it’s the donkeys driving by on their phones.

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