Fictional Musings of a Day Dreamer




brittany's book cover

I came across Ms. Adkins book, “Fictional Musings of a Day dreamer”, almost by chance. In searching for something fresh and different, her title caught my eye. Being a daydreamer myself, I was curious.

Her book, a collection of short stories, carries with it tales of the unknown, tales of love, relationships that are, and ones that are not. A couple of stories left you wondering if there would be a sequel. One such tale is the story that she co-wrote with Colleen Boehm; “Revenge”.

Out of the three tales focused on the supernatural, this one really captured me. It reminded me of the history of the Salem Witch Trials. Ms. Adkins kept me on the edge of my seat with much of this book, gasping, and at times, I felt myself covering my eyes to hide from the detailed horror.

“The Day I should have Died” I feel gives the reader a look into the life of someone with terminal illness. What it’s like for them and those around them. We don’t always see the truth through Hollywood’s lenses, so I was pleasantly surprised by Ms. Adkins honesty in this story.

If her point was to do this and more, she succeeded brilliantly. It is my hope that Ms. Adkins will keep going with her collection. She has inspired me to pursue avenues of my own passion.

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