Watch “It’s A Simple Answer After All” on YouTube

My boyfriend sent me a video through Facebook about this speech made by President Ronald Reagan. I searched everywhere for the video so that I could share it with all of you. This is such a powerful message and needs to be seen and heard by all. We do not hear our current POTUS mention God, Christ or speak with such genuine love and concern for our country and our world. Reagan was not afraid of our enemies, was not willing to allow our children or our country to surrender to other countries or their way of life. Reagan wouldn’t have allowed fear, hate and violence to run rampant in our country they way it is now. You committed a crime in Reagan’s day, it didn’t matter where you were from, you suffer yhe consequences. He was about equality. If Americans committed a crime they were punished just like those who were not citizens. Yes, no one is perfect except Jesus Christ. Yes, God is in control, not man. God loves us equally. God didn’t want us conforming to the ways of the world and Reagan knew that, somewhere, somehow our country has lost sight of this and our children and families are and will suffer. Our country, our world needs to turn back to God. He is our only hope.  


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