Freaky Friday: Switching Roles

Rain comes and goes today.

Slow and fine.

Hard and fast.

As I was trying to read my devotionals, the words “freaky Friday” came to mind. I had thoughts of the film when a mom and daughter switched places. I always found that idea simply amazing and helpful. 

In relationships whether they are a spouse or family member or friend or co-worker or someone in your community, we can sometimes have blinders on. It is trying to walk walk in the rain when it is coming down fast and hard. Especially, in close relationships we often wish that they could trade places with the other person so they can see the relationship from their perspective.

Sometimes we as humans may wish this sort of switch in a role with a complete stranger. Someone they feel may have a much better life than their own.

So today, let’s try something. Let us pretend we are switching roles with someone for one day and one day only. Every Monday I want you to email me a paragraph or two about who you are for this one day. Talk briefly about who you were and then who you are now for this one day. Why did you switch? What will you do for this one day as someone else? You do not have to give out personal secret details. 

Maybe you want to switch with a co-worker, neighbor, sibling, friend or celebrity. Yes, if you want to switch with a partner or spouse that is fine. Each Friday I will post the top three switches. My goal here is to not only spark my creativity juices, but to also get to know one another in this blog community and perhaps, even help each other. there may be a few laughs, who knows. Use your imagination and let the role switching begin. 

In fact, before I end this post. I will post a switch that I would do. This will be done in a few hours as I want this to be a very good start to this idea and I have some responsibilities before the fun begins. 

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