December: just an ordinary day

Today, I decided to put off my tasks for a bit to share with all of you what is on my heart. A few days ago, my fiance and I were watching The Weather Channel to see the forecast for the day. There was a gentleman on the TV talking about wanting to find his wife and two daughters. It seemed that they were missing. The area, Gatlinburg TN, that he lived in was experiencing a terrible wildfire. The man’s face has been in my mind since. Today as I was trying to read my devotionals, I was pulled away from them by the news that the death toll in Gatlinburg TN had increased. There were three more confirmed dead. Something in my heart and in the pit of my stomach said it isn’t them. Then I heard the wife’s name and then the daughter’s names. I looked at the TV and saw a picture of the man with one of his daughters. 

My heart is saddened by this. I hoped and prayed for thid man and his family. My fiance told me that this man and his son had gone to the store right before the wildfire raged through their home. They were going to the store with the mindset that it was just another normal day. He approaches his street to see the wildfire and it is burning his home. He briefly spoke to his wife who was clearly terrified and didn’t know what to do. Then the phone went dead.

I cannot imagine it or even try to say that I understand what he is going through. Sometimes one story just hits you and stays with you. My heart is with this man and his family. 

He left to go to the store with his son not knowing that it would be the last time that he would see his wife and two daughters. 

Life can end in a moment and without notice. If our world, out society braced this idea, this thought; I truly believe that out world would be a better place. That our families would be stronger. there would be less hate in the world.

Please share this message with everyone. Let’s remember how precious life is and those we love. 

If we can share through social media things that can be funny, trivial, etc… Why not make this message go viral.

Thank you and God bless each and every one of you. 


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