Constant Kindness

This was one of my evening devotionals from Our Daily Bread. It really spoke to me or perhaps it was another Jesus nudge. Psalm 141:2-4 are verses that have been on my mind and heart lately. Actually, it’s more what they represent. Asking God to watch and guard my heart and my lips and keep me from doing evil.

These things I have found that I struggle with alot over the past few months. My depression and anxiety at times can be so bad that I snap or become cross, cranky for those not from the old school era. I almost see and hear myself getting frustrated with others over little things when I’m in a rush. When I’m feeling overwhelmed. When around too many people. Around unsafe and bad drivers. Around rude and abnoxious people, etc… Then when I am relaxed or whatever, I feel ashamed of how I acted and behaved. Feel as if I am beyond hope of ever being who God created me to be. 

Thank you for letting me share this devotional, the verses and my confession.

God bless.

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  1. Wow, I could have written a similar post myself. My anxiety, depression, introversion, etc. can get in the way of me interacting with others in a way that is more true to myself and kind to others. It’s hard. I’ve become a bit better with it over the past 2-3 years but it’s still difficult sometimes!

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