Where do I begin? Who do I start with? Well, I guess I should just let the words flow and hopefully they will make sense. These thoughts, feelings and words came to me at 1:30 a.m. as I forced myself to quit playing catch-up. As stated in other blogs, time management can be a curse as it forces you to rush through life to ensure everything gets done.

This does nothing for my anxiety. Moving on, after getting a few things off of my Saturday to do list, I decided that after a month of not checking emails and blogs that it was time to play catch-up. Needless to say, over 1099 emails this would not be quick or easy. No matter, I would persevere and push myself to be caught up and try again to stay caught up.

I had good intentions, however, by midnight I was feeling drunk with fatigue. Standing up and walking I felt tipsy. Still, I pushed through and by 1 a.m. I was down to 130 emails and blogs. Fatigue consumed me and I had to concede, had to tap out.

The apologies necessary to bring some relief to the guilt I feel for not keeping up with all of your lives. Did I bite off more than I can chew by following so many and putting myself out there to be followed? Perhaps, but you are my community. My friends and inspirational muses. To be a writer, a person who needs to be connected to others and share my life with others, I need to be more there. More involved. Sharing my writing, days, ups and downs, achievements and failures with others is what I’m meant to be and do. 

So here I will try to remember all of you and double apologize ( not grammatically correct 😀) to those who’s names I forgot. Danny @dream big dream often, lady Joyful, caralyn@beauty beyond bones, jason@ opiniated man, bill @ healthy solutions, Ann@ Ann’s corner, cfservant, Bonnie, inspire the best you, pursuing your passion, Victoria Dillard, Sasha, one more shot please, Persia and Maximus, pirate patty, tenacity T, Jennifer N., Pique images, Lydia, and as I sit here trying to remember the many more my brain draws a blank. I know that there are more of you that I follow and that follow me and my apologies once again for not remembering right now. 

I will not promise to do better about keeping up with all of you as a promise is one’s word, their honor and I will not do that as life happens and I would not want to to even say I promise to try.

Know that I cherish each and everyone one of you. I appreciate that you are all in my life even if only through blogs.

Peace be with all of you!

I will try to do better and hope that you will understand that this is a process for me.

Love always,

Tiffany a.k.a Jenness

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  1. i can relate to this. I work over 80 hours a week and do not always feel inspired.Even with all the minerals I consume, I go through periods of fatigue both mental and physical.The main thing is to delight in the LORD. I always smile when the HOLY SPIRIT nudges me in a certain direction. We are led by the HOLY SPIRIT and even though our plans are many, the LORDS will always prevails.May the ALMIGHTY GOD grant you peace and serenity, in JESUS name Amen.

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