What I thought and what is. 

This is hard for me. I try not to get too personal on here, however, I feel that maybe I need to today. Maybe by opening myself up even a little, this thorn in my side will start to pass. 

What is the truth difference between sadness and depression? I know that I have enough reasons to be sad, but when does that sadness become depression? Is it when the sadness deepens and stays with the person for more than a couple of days? In my opinion and experience, sadness revolves around a particular thing, while depression seems to be just this pit of hopelessness. A pit filled with fog, lack of motivation, Eeyore’s famous words “why bother?”, Will it ever end?, What’s the point? Thoughts and feelings of being lost. Normally, I wake up occasionally feeling these feelings and thoughts, and then it goes away either by the end of the day or the next. 

I have been more than consumed, almost drowning in it for over a week now. It can be scary at times, which unfortunately, adds to the depression. My plate is full. My life preserver is deflating. I cling to the hope that God has a plan for me. I pray everyday to be released from this depression. I don’t have time for it. There are too many things that need to be done.

My hope in writing this is that others will see that they are not alone in the battle against depression and that I will gain clarity and hope through this.

God bless all of you!


3 thoughts on “What I thought and what is. 

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    1. Thank you so much Brandon not only for your comments, but your prayers and encouraging words and support. I am so thankful to God that the past two days have been depression free. It has helped me to have a better understanding of those who struggle with addiction and the peace that comes from the freedom of each day that they don’t cave into the addiction.
      Thank you again. God Bless you.

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