Cashless Society

Interesting and scary

Ann's Corner

I watched a YouTube video clip today on this topic, and was quite amazed, even though I knew it was coming!

Frighteningly interesting!


A pretty amazing achievement in the endeavour to form a completely cashless society. This is something I know we have been heading towards with all of our credit/debit cards and electronic banking formats for years now.

Look at India for an example of how fast it can arrive and change an entire country. Next step, global……

Watch out for this coming to a location near YOU!!!!!

I’m thinking that soon only those with alternative systems already in place will be off the government radar. I’m wondering how many actually care about this whole scenario?
From a biblical standpoint, these things are expected and it will one day inevitably come to a point of choice between the world system (mammon) and God.
How will we fare?

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