JB Michaels Action Thriller Collection

JB Michaels Action Thriller Collection by J.B.   Michaels
I received an advanced copy of Mr. Michaels Action Thriller Collection and originally planned on only reading one or two of the stories in this collection. However, as I began to read the first story The Order of St. Michael: A Bud Hutchins Thriller I found myself engaged in the collection. Although I did come across a few typos there was nothing within the story or the flow of the story that kept me from moving forward. There is definitely a paranormal feel mixed into the action and mystery of the story but it is not too much that a reader will feel overwhelmed. Mr. Michaels has done a wonderful job in mixing the genres like ingredients in a mixing bowl. This is a recipe well created. After reading Mr. Michael’s story of Bud Hutchins search for an unknown assailant who has stolen something precious to him, meeting zombie monks, werewolves, and a cute young girl who is also searching for an unknown assailant, one who has murdered her Uncle. Mr. Michael’s takes you on an adventure into the world of Santa Claus and his helpers in The Tannenbaum Tailors and the Secret Snowball and The Tannenbaum Tailors and the Brethren of the Saints. Honestly, being a big fan of Christmas I really enjoyed the last two stories in Mr. Michael’s collection. We all know that Santa has helpers at the North Pole who aid him with the toys and reindeer, but did any of you know that he also has some helpers who take care of the Christmas trees in everyone’s home. Welcome to the world of tree elves! Mr. Michaels takes you into their daily lives, jobs, and describes in such great detail and with such creativity that you feel as if you can see their homes and workshops on the branches of pines.<br />The stories of the Tannenbaum Tailors is a great holiday story to share with the family, and at any time of the year. The Tannenbaum Tailors’s stories are filled with love, betrayal, mystery, wonder, loyalty, honor, sacrifice, faith, family, and the Christmas Spirit.<br />I dare not give away any details of these stories as it will be worth the surprise. I am glad that I not only read these stories but that I wasn’t informed too much about the inner details of these stories. Mr. Michaels does a fantastic job of not being predictable and I would recommend his stories to all.


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