My Review of “Two to Tango” by Kate Kisset


I received an Advanced Reader’s Copy of Ms. Kisset’s “Two to Tango”. Again, Ms. Kissett does not disappoint. She takes on another journey into wine country. Her creative ability to paint beautiful scenes that take your breath away and make you want to jump on the next flight to Napa Valley. One thing that I like about Ms. Kissett’s writing, her characters, storyline, and the setting is that it flows and as a reader, I can relate to the characters and the storyline. Although I know that I’m reading fiction, her story feels real. It feels as if I can just reach out and touch the vineyards.

Her characters are down to earth. One would think that you would get a sense of upper-class snobbery from those who own a vineyard or are wealthy, but that is not the case with Ms. Kisset’s characters. They are all down to earth and approachable. ChiChi and ChaCha are hysterical besides being believable ladies. I wouldn’t mind having an aunt and grandmother like them. They are so vibrant, full of life and mischievous but in a good way.

Ms. Kissett creates memorable names for her characters which help to develop those characters. She adds just enough detail but not too much to ensure that you stay intrigued. Yes, this was a love story about Scarlett and Jake. Two star-crossed lovers who had previous chances to get “better acquainted”, but as most of us know, when it is meant to be one cannot force it. It must be natural.

There are so many reasons to love this story. As a writer, myself, I love how each reader will take something different away from this story and that is due to Ms. Kissett’s writing style. She writes in truth and with a passion.

One more thing about Ms. Kisset’s style, her romance stories is that it is classy. There are so many so-called “romance stories” out there, but they are anything but romance. Those stories, in my opinion, are trashy.  When I look for a new romance, romance drama, inspirational romance, I want to feel the romance, not the filth.

Ms. Kissett could not begin or end this story any other way than how she did. If it had been altered even slightly, I personally feel that the emotions, creativity, and reality would not have been the same. It is my hope and desire that Ms. Kissett not only continue writing from Wine Country but that she continues revealing the lives of the DeLucas’.

Here is an excerpt from her book that just released today!



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