The Cross

Who's My Favorite Today?

On the way to church a few days ago Kate was drawing on her magnetic drawing board. She drew one cross and said “Mommy, I drew Jesus’ cross.”  I told her that it was very good.  I had no idea the extent that she comprehended of Jesus on the cross and just left it at that.

Then she drew two crosses on either side of the first cross and said, “Look Mommy!  I drew the other two crosses.”  Well, she has obviously listened in Sunday School and her preschool classes.  We have talked about Easter and the crucifixion but I did not know how much she understood.  Also, I have tried not to be terribly detailed at this point in her life – she’s only three.

We drove a bit more and then she drew a small cross off to one side of the board.  Kate said, “This is the…

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