ALMIGHTY GOD VS. false god’s

Precious Sheep Of Renown


There are two excellent examples given in scripture that tells of two men (Moses & Elijah) who served God Almighty that made Heaven and Earth and how they strived to tell the people of The One True God for to turn them from the god’s of the people.


God always works in the life of the Believer,and both these men were convinced they served Almighty God and the answer was shown to the people of who God walked with.Pharaoh would call on the magicians for his miracles (or so it looked like miracles),while Moses a man called of God received miracles straight from Heaven itself by the hand of God!

Moses was placed in front of Pharaoh many times to tell him to let the people go so they could serve God,but Pharaoh’s heart hardened everytime!

“And the Lord spake unto Moses, Go…

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