2 questions:

So yesterday in one of my devotionals, it asked the question, “What is the relationship between upending and Grace?”

It peaked my interest so I wanted to see what others might think. Upending reders to reversing something, turning it upside down or tilting. Grace refers to God giving us a chance of freedom. God gives us Grace when we sin and ask for forgiveness. He gave us his grace when he sent his Son to take our place on the cross.

My next question is did you know that depression and anxiety stem from bitterness? I had absolutely no clue. That revelation came from a devotional in my You Version Bible app.

Here is what it says:

“Not Letting Bitterness Take Root”  
Once bitterness has taken root it causes the wound to fester and grow.  Anger, depression, anxiety….all grow out of the root of bitterness. 

This is the devotional content from healing a wounded heart devotional in the you version app. 

It peaks my interest and I am weirdly fascinated by this. Although, I could be mistaking fascinating for major curiosity.

I feel compelled to research this or possibly find someone who may have answers to this. 

I see a connection between bitterness and anger but not bitterness and depression and anxiety. 

What are your thoughts?

Be blessed by God.

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