Every so often I come across a devotional or two that leave me stumped. What makes this particular devotional different is that it is about words and as a writer I expect it to come naturally to me. I should be able to come up with a list of words but I can’t.

The topic is on the godly and the wicked. At the end of the devotional a question is posted to come up with examples of words that conceal violent intentions.

If I could insert a picture through my phone of a tree stump next to a person with their mouth hanging I would.

What words conceal violent intentions?



4 thoughts on “Stumped

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  1. A couple words that come to mind is reformation camp (it’s definitely not a camp it’s a prison)
    Another one the military uses all the time is friendly fire!
    How about forced sex (it’s not sex it’s rape).
    I Kaname quite a few more but I don’t want to go into politics.
    Hope this helps, it’s till later your friend Bill.


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