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I received “Ray of Light” by Elle Scott as a gift you might say. Normally, I do not delve into the Sci-Fi world, but being an aspiring writer and reader I felt an urge to step slightly out of my comfort zone. Step into the world foreign to me. I’ve read other books that may border on the science fiction level with its words of technology, words that speak of other realms, but again, science fiction is not something that speaks to me. However, Elle Scott has peaked my interest with “Ray of Light”. A book that was given to me as a gift. It kept me on the edge of my seat. Many of the books that I have read in my life were told in first, second or third person, never in multiple first person narratives. It was a surprise twist for me. In my opinion, Ms. Scott did a wonderful job in telling this story through multiple perspectives but still keeping true to first person narrative. I found no discrepancies in her grammar or spelling which adds to the smooth flow of the story. Another bonus you might say is her ability to not write something predictable. Not knowing who could be trusted, who was the bad guy/villain, what was going to happen next, what really happened in the past helped drive the story and keep me wanting more. I had trouble putting the book down.
There was nothing slow about this book. Every aspect of this book from the character development, setting, plot, climax, and resolution went at a steady and at times fast paced but with nothing be left out that was pertinent to the story. This story is filled with so much emotion. Love, growth, anger, denial, choices, loyalty, betrayal, mystery, power, greed, self-awareness, and family. It is my opinion that Ms. Scott took her love and passion for sci-fi and blended it with small aspects of other genres. Just enough of those ingredients to make unity and a great story. I am eager to move onto the next chapter in the lives of these young people. The lives of young adults thrust into adulthood. Thrust into the world where the choices that they make affect not only themselves but the world around them.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who loves mystery, a little sci-fi, love/romance, a good fast steady paced story with twists and turns.

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