The best one yet in her series. Each time I read one of her stories, I am amazed at her style, her characters, and the emotion streaming off the pages. In all honesty, each couple she created felt real as if I knew them, and yet somehow, Danica and Luca appeared more real than the others. Was it something about their story that sparked something within me? A familiar scent? Emotion? Experience? Honestly, I can’t say because I just don’t know. I’ve always been a sucker for lost love, rekindled love, etc.. but these two swept me off my feet. I couldn’t put the book down. Emotions ran wild as I tore through the pages. I even got mad at Michael for opening his big mouth to Luca about a kiss shared between him and Danica. Although I did understand where he was coming from after the meeting of the brothers at the local tavern. Luca is just the sweetest thing next to chocolate. Not because of his looks, but my heart melts at his love and devotion for Danica after all of these years. Ms. Kissett has amazed me with her ability to catch me off guard, sweep me off my feet, and spark various emotions within me as I followed Danica and Luca. Nothing was predictable. Nothing about this story was bland or overkill. It was like Sara’s baked goods in Just A Kiss: sweetness to the core.

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