Makeup and Murder by Stephanie Damore

As a student majoring in Creative Writing over the past few years, I have been learning how to create a successful story. Engages the readers. That is what Stephanie Damore has done with Makeup &Murder. One major aspect of creating a successful story is creating characters that are credible and relatable. A great story draws the reader in through engaging dialogue, settings that feed on all the senses and a plot that is fresh and unexpected. No-one truly wants to know who did it or what will happen next. Although this is the first story in this genre that I have ever read and I can guarantee that it will not be the last. I knew from the beginning that this story would be filled with mystery romance and a bit of humor, but I never expected to find myself relating to the main character Ziva as much as I did. Laughing at some of her quirky comments and being not only impressed by her choice of words and catch phrases but also feeling young and carefree. Finding that I could relate more to this story because of words such as beef stick and he who cannot be named or must not be named. What I really loved about this story was how successfully Ms. Damore mixed the pull at the heartstrings love element, the mystery element and added just enough humor to keep the story flowing and light. I love a good story that is unexpected throughout. One that I cannot analyze. A story that’s sole purpose is to relax the reader and leave them wanting more. The characters were real and believable. People that either you would know personally or someone you know knows or knew someone like one or all of the characters. I am excited to see what Ms. Damore having storefront Ziva and her friends in the next book.

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