Tolkien’s Tales from the Perilous Realm

My husband gave me this book last Christmas so I could begin my journey into Tolkien’s mind, the technique in his writing, and to just bask in his imagination and creativity. Although I did not begin this book as soon as I got it and wasn’t able to finish it until now, I do not regret one moment. Three of Tolkien’s short stories within this collection I was fortunate to use in school. Our assignment was to pick a literary work to analyze and write about what we found. It wasn’t a typical analysis paper, this one was all about word usage. If all analytical papers were this much fun I would never dread doing them again. šŸ™‚
These three stories gave me more than enough information for my paper and my power point presentation. What started out as a gift for enjoyment became more than I could’ve imagined. I can’t honestly say which story was my favorite as each one held different meanings and different paths of enjoyment. Lessons on word usage proved to be more exciting than I would’ve thought and I believe will help me on my journey as a writer, reader, and book reviewer.
Seeing the world through Tolkien’s eyes in these stories was magical and inspiring. Again, some of the words he chose to use to express the setting, plot, characters, and resolution, even the scenes were remarkable. In starting another story for a new semester and having only read a few pages, I thought about the differences in the two books. Tolkien’s collection of short stories in Tales from the Perilous Realm invoked happy emotions. Emotions that were uplifting, innocent, expressive, magical, and child-like. The other story by Dickens and again only a few pages in has left me feeling sad. Dickens choice of words emphasizes this emotion. I mention this to show the difference in a writer’s style and how that style invokes emotions in its readers.
I could opt to give snippets in this review about the five different short stories but I am not one who gives spoilers. What I can say is that each story centers around individual and the lives around them. Each individual appears to be on a journey, what that journey is I cannot say but I will say that they are changed by the end of their story.

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