Signs of the Apocalypse?

Lynn Dove's Journey Thoughts

Mexico was struck with a massive 8.1 earthquake this morning. As I read the report, I also read the comments that readers were posting about it and the other meteorological events around the world. It is obvious that many believe that we are witnessing sure signs of the Apocalypse, and the return of Christ in the very near future. Some believe the hurricanes, and fires burning out of control in Canada, and all the other natural disasters this past yearare due to climate change. Even a Hollywood actress, Jennifer Lawrence said that the hurricanes are Mother Nature’s”wrath” for Trump’s presidential victory. Wow. I know President Trump gets blamed for just about everything nowadays but this borders on the absurd.

I honestly do not understand what is going on in our world today. I’m sure many of you feel as I do. It’s like the world is spinning off-kilter on…

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