Random question

After reading my morning devotionals, I came across an article on Twitter about the tragedy that took place in NYC recently. As I read the words describing what happened, how he planned it, and the lack of remorse he showed authorities it saddened and scared me.

I’ve always known that we don’t know how or when we will die, but these terrorists attacks seem to really challenge one’s thinking about death and life. I can’t even imagine the fear and terror those people experienced in those few seconds before he took away their lives. 

Before I ask the question that came to me, I pray for those victims,  survivors, their families and friends, and those involved. Images and emotions from something so evil don’t go away with the snap of a finger. We all need to pray for our country, our planet.

Now for the question. Do you think there is a difference between a serial killer and a terrorist attack similar to the attacks that have been happening? Think of it this way, besides the fact that people are murdered, is there a difference between the two types of murderers? They are profiled as killers at random. Killers with intense motive and planning. Evil. What could be the one major difference between someone like Ted Bundy and this guy from New Jersey who killed and seriously injured many people and disappointed that he couldn’t have killed more? Are these terrorists attacks similar in some way to cults like Charles Manson and his “family”?

Welcome to my world of random thoughts!

God bless you and your family.

Be safe and vigilant.

Have faith.

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