My Review of Stephanie Damore’s Pedicures and Prejudice

What happens in Vegas.!

A trip to Vegas, what could possibly go wrong? As we all know, Ziva has a knack for finding dead bodies & scandals. This time, however, will Ziva become the killer’s next target? Was the helicopter crash a sign or a warning? Ms. Damore has done it again. She creatively and skillfully draws you into the life of boss girl Ziva Diaz. Ziva is more than your typical boss girl thanks to Ms. Damore’s ability to create a character that each of us can relate to. Ms. Damore is able to not only create a realistic character like Ziva, but she takes her view of the real world around us and mixes a little fantasy to allow us not only dream of the possibilities but also picture them and feel the emotions from them. Another great thing about Ms. Damore and her writing is that she doesn’t just focus on Ziva’s Career the makeup world the skincare line and all that she mixes in other people’s dreams and careers. Such as in this story we moved from the skincare line and from Port Haven and we head to Vegas to attend a women’s leadership conference. We also get to dabble in the fashion industry. Viewing the different perspectives and creativity in the world of fashion design. See how cut-throat it can be and perhaps even glamorous. Implementing different styles I think is very complimentary of Ms. Damore’s writing style. Implementing different ingredients into a story especially, one that is a series I feel is key to capturing and engaging the reader. A key that keeps your audience wanting more and wanting to come back to read your stories and Ms. Damore has done this as I said before. One of the biggest reasons for my interest in Ms. Damore’s writing beside what I’ve already written is that it is a clean story. it is not filled with f-bombs or mainly focused on the sex lives of her characters as many out there do. Ms. Damore doesn’t fill her stories with inappropriate material. The ending to this mystery was definitely a surprise and that is all I will say. This is a cute, cozy, funny, and awesome romance mystery. Come along for the ride.

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