Thanksgiving weekend

After a great day with my eldest daughter, her fiance, my husband and our two grandkids, video chatting three way with my mom, and two other daughters; my husband and I left early Friday morning for his parent’s house in northern Maine.

It is very relaxing there and almost every time that we go, we end up napping for a bit. This weekend we napped, ate, went searching for eagles, deer, moose and turkeys. We only came across two bald eagles early Sunday morning. I wanted to capture the moment, however, they were too far for my smartphone’s camera. 

We went for a 1/2 mile hike around an old homestead from the 1800s’ which was interesting. We may go back in the spring to hike the entire trail. Ended each night with a fire and pictures of the sunset.

Hope you enjoy the video clip and that you all had a blessed Thanksgiving. 

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