Christmas Decorations

Our front yard is finally finished. The last finishing touches were pine branches compliments of the woods near our home and too many trips up and down the hill. Lugging large branches and a tote full of smaller ones. Got the last load of pine as the snow began to touch down.


One of our neighbors started the Christmas spirit in our neighborhood. His yard filled with minions, Santa, and a nutcracker soldier displayed playfully under colorful lights. He heard of the Christmas bah hum bug killing our ☃️ and reindeer and gave us his.



Then today our neighbor directly next to us offered her electric service. She wanted to pay it forward and help us out. She knows how difficult things have been for is lately with my husband being really sick and out of work for the past couple of months. So our outdoor decor is now living off of her service. What a amazing gift!

So continue sharing the Christmas spirit and never lose hope. There are always angels in disguise and kindness and generosity from the least expected places.

Merry Christmas 🎄 and God bless everyone!

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