Good Knight, Sleep Tight

Maximus Octavian

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The little prince has a new baby sister and she won’t stop crying… So the brave and loyal knight is sent on a quest to find the softest and fluffiest pillow in all the kingdom – and fast! Will he be up to the challenge?

‘This is a wonderful read that is bound to win first place in the bedtime reading stakes.’ ~ The Lady

‘A warming bedtime tale…’ ~ Publishing News

‘…lively …humorous.’ ~ Carousel

My review:

It was quite exciting and funny to begin with, but then lost it towards the end. Still, I think it’s an OK bedtime story.

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What is This?

Chocolate and the greed of big corporations

Blog of a Mad Black Woman

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Now I am finally on the mend, I can muster up the energy to say my piece about something which bothered me earlier this month.

Seriously, what is this? An Oreo milk bar in what is supposed to be a British chocolate maker pack? I knew it was a huge mistake selling Cadbury’s toMondelez International (formerly Kraft). Their promises to keep this brand British were empty, and amongst other things, this just proves my point. How dare they take out Fudge for this nonsense?

I for one HATE Oreo. It is absolutely disgusting, and so is Hershey’s. Hence the reason when I am in the US, I hope and pray my lovely friends will send British chocolate to me, and never eat chocolate unless they do. It is also the reason I continue to send British chocolate to my beloved best friend who moved to the US some time ago.

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