Yesterday, for the first time since I created this website I was spooked. A notification popped up letting me know that someone had commented on a blog from last July. No biggie. It seemed innocent, nice and sincere.

Not long after though another one popped up from the same alleged person. At first, I only noticed that there were some grammatical errors and then saw that they were asking for information. Information about web hosting, affiliate link, using my information I believe to get a website that and I quote, “lots up fast like yours, lol.”

Call me paranoid but something seemed wrong here. I tried several times to click on their name, empty gravatar or photo and nothing. Researched what they were asking which made less sense as to why they were asking and then it hit me as I read both comments again. The writing style was different.

The first comment was written correctly grammatically speaking and the second one was jibberish and very poor English. Still not satisfied, I ran this by a detective I know and who is more tech savvy than I.

He agreed that it was suspicious and what I found interesting about his findings is that the one big piece that stuck out for him was the difference in writing style.

So, I reported both as spam.

With that said, watch out for anyone with no link to a website or blog, no picture or gravatar, and two different writing styles. Not sure exactly what this person or persons are hoping to get but anyone asking to link up with your web address and such is not good.

Warning! Danger Will Robinson!

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