Where do I begin? How do I start? What should I say or more importantly, what can I say that won’t be considered a spoiler. I am not one for short and sweet reviews. Not one to give away details as I believe that less is more when it comes to stories and make-up. 😊

There is so much that I want to tell all of you fellow readers, fellow fans of Kate Kisset about what is inside the pages of this book, but I will not spoil it. I will tell you that whether you’re a first time Kate Kisset reader or a longtime fan, you will not be disappointed. Not by a long shot.

Each of her stories pulls at some part of your anatomy as a reader, I know that Napa Crush took me back to my high school crush and now I can say that AND I LOVE YOU pulled at my heartstrings in a way that I did not expect. I love reading some of my books on the Kindle because it allows me the opportunity to vent, to highlight and note what I’m thinking, feeling, and want to do.

There were moments of passion, moments of aww, adorableness, anger, wanting to turn into The Hulk and smash, and just those precious moments that some of us want to hold onto and cherish for the rest of our lives.
Stories that a reader can relate to either the character, the author, or the situation(s) within the pages is what makes the story credible, enjoyable and keeps the reader not only wanting more but also wanting to share the joy and pains, the laughter, and the tears with others.

One thing to add which I found different in this story than Ms. Kisset’s earlier works is that each chapter was viewed from the perspective of one of the characters. One chapter would be told or viewed from Juliet’s perspective and the next might be the perspective of Gabe. Ms. Kisset also implemented song titles into her chapter headings which I think is a great touch and connects those titles to Juliet even more. Juliet is a disc jockey at a radio station so tying in these song titles really adds to the magic in the story and the credibility of Ms. Kisset’s work.

I wondered last night and this morning if some of this story might have been based on Ms. Kisset’s own personal experience or someone that she knows very well. I really felt a connection to what Gabe was going through and Juliet.

Again, I cannot divulge any clips of this story. This is a feel-good story with twists and heat. Well, I found one that won’t spoil it for you, well, I don’t think it will. “I’d probably have to join a mob. They’d do it for me. But let’s try talking again first” … Here Gabe reminds me of myself and I’m sure many of you. Conflicting thoughts on whether or not to pummel or worse someone who is trying to not only steal your joy but destroy you and your world for no clear good practical sane moral reason.

One more clip from this story that packs a punch. “Daddy! Ella shrieked gleefully, bookended by James and Olivia. Standing in front of the couch, they held each one of her hands, preventing her from running to him”. This was one of the scenes that really got to me. I was between angry and sad beyond words right now. Visualizing this scene over and over. That poor little girl. I can only imagine what was going through Gabe’s head at that moment and earlier ones. Having been in a situation like this years ago, I could relate a bit to what Gabe was going through.

My words of wisdom after reading this story and an excerpt from Ms. Kisset’s next story out of Wine Country is, READ THIS! You will not be disappointed. Kate takes her readers into the world she lives and the world she envisions. There is always something in her stories that readers can relate to. I also respect and admire that Ms. Kate worked on this story through the nightmare that the wildfires brought to her surrounding area last year. Her dedication to the firefighters and first responders is priceless. In her excerpt from the next story about Michael Santino, she draws into the night where the wildfires all began.

Her effective description and ability to pace this piece is nothing short of incredible and amazing.

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