Between The Stars and The Earth by Elle Scott

What can I say? Ms. Scott has once again shown her skills as a writer. My sole purpose of acquiring this collection of stories in the young adult dystopian genre was just to read Ms.Scott’s new work. What I enjoyed most about this story was her ability to pull me in as if I was in a wagon and she was pulling the handle and leading me through this story as if we were walking along the streets of a little town window shopping. Her ability to show the reader what she sees as she writes these words down it’s not only effective but it makes her writing and this story credible and relatable. From describing the glass floor below Arylia to the soft cushion seat hugging the window of the ship which reminds me of a daybed in a young girl’s bedroom. Arylia is not a flat character we begin to see more of who she is as a 16 year old girl looking out into the Stars into space exploring like so many children and young adults do. We all look for adventure we all want to see what’s out there beyond our surroundings beyond our current
environment we all want to know who else is out there in the universe, on our planet. we see the story unfold Through The Eyes of a 16 year old girl being the only child on the spaceship which is her home. In one part of the story we find Aurelia and her people the soulians captured by the Earthlings, although the earthlings are just like the soliuns with just minor physical differences but isn’t that how America is how this world is on planet Earth we are all from different cultures different backgrounds. Another thing that I found interesting was the resemblance of the Caverns and the cells in Between the Stars and Earth with The uprising Caverns from Harbor of Light by Ms Scott. I also think that KY is somehow connected to a couple of the characters from Ms scott’s incandescent series. There’s so much about this story that the world needs to see. It may be a Ya genre, but it is a story for all ages and for anyone who dares to dream. For anyone who dares to sacrifice everything for the greater good. This reader’s thoughts on this are two thumbs up. In all honesty, I am not sure if any other Ya Dystopian writer could hook me the way Elle Scott has. looking forward to more from this brilliant author. Ms. Scott, my apologies for the late review.

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