Love is a Wildfire by Kate Kisset

Michael Michael Michael

This installment in Ms. Kisset’s series of love in wine country has more emotions and sentimental value than the others. Why you ask? It was in my opinion, a tribute to those who experienced the wildfires in California last year. A creation of respect to those fought to save lives and memories. A lesson in life that life is too short. Cherish those around you. Embrace life and love. Sure Michael didn’t know that he was looking for love, but Shae was. Sure there were heated moments between them, probably more heated than those found between his brothers and their special women, but again, this is more than a love story or hot steamy romance. It’s about the love of life, family, friends, community, pets, and memories. It’s about learning which battles to fight and which ones to surrender to.
I have been an admirer of Kate Kisset for some time now and will forever be grateful that she has allowed me to be a part of her life in Wine Country.

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