My Review: Symphony of Light by Elle Scott. It is very rare, at least in my world, to find a writer with unique skills. Many readers long to read books by writers that have unique skills. Have a way of connecting the characters and their world to the readers. Some readers look to their favorite authors as #1 in the writing world. Others, like myself, look to those with unique skills as a role model. Aspiring to create worlds that inspire, engage, and give them the escape they need. I have had the pleasure of watching Ms. Scott’s writing grow for some time now. She took me out of my comfort zone with her stories. As a writer myself, I find her style inspiring and different. Different in how she can flawlessly and smoothly give her characters a voice from their perspective. Each chapter is told from the perspective of more than one character, which I never knew was possible. A multi-first-person perspective. There could be other authors use this technique that I am not aware of, but we are not here to discuss other writers. Symphony of Light is part of a YA Dystopian Series which focuses on the lives of a group of teenagers trying to save the world. It is the last battle. Good versus evil. Good intentions twisted for personal gain and power. A select few allowed to live. I am not wanting to spoil anything for those who have not read this book or the earlier ones so I will not continue to avoid slipping. 😊 There was a point in the story where I believed that Nora’s bold statement ended the story. I began to close my kindle app and then thought to turn the next page. Sure enough, there was more. YEAH! Sacrifices. Love. Truth revealed. Courage. Strength. These are just a few of my favorite things. 😊 Things that you will find throughout the story, and yes, some sadness, but is not that what reality, what life in our world carries. My final words to each of you are: GET THIS BOOK! See Nora, Kate, Vivian, Miles, Xander, Celia, Dayne, Eli, Evan, Adam, Lucem, Nikki, Jen, and others take on corrupt corporations and maybe an alien or two. Thanks, Ms. Scott for your gift to the world.

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