On this day

I have probably done this before, apologize for my absence on here and on your blogs. Well, here I am with another apology and a hope that you will forgive me.

Somehow I have lost myself, lost my ability to not manage my time. Not focus in deadlines and have everything in my life determined by the time I have.

I just don’t seem to have time for anyone or anything and it’s not like I am doing anything Noble or life saving, if that is the correct phrase. I have been working toward getting my Master’s degree in English and creative writing, being a wife and 🐈 mom, grandmother once or twice a week, Bible study and therapy once a week which leaves me with no time, motivation, desire for anything else.

As I say it, it’s sounds cold and selfish but I am honestly not trying. I just can’t get out of the funk that I’ve been in. Yes, depression mostly, anxiety, slight panic issues, eating issues don’t help, but it has to be more than those nuisances. Right?

Stress doesn’t help keep those nuisances at Bay, in fact, it acts as an ignitier to a flame already smoldering. I could vent here even more tell you about the all the crazy sad crackerdoodles that have been happening over the past year, but it would be selfish of me, wouldn’t it.

I will share one thing: three main stressors in my life since November- youngest daughter trying to stay away from drugs and self-harm, husband’s health and my need for him to take better care of himself and get a job that treats him better, offers him more respect and benefits (benefits period), and then there is my Mom who was diagnosed with the worse curse word in the World-Cancer.

I can write the word somewhat easier than I can say it. Avoidance makes it not real.

Okay, there’s my life lately.

I am looking to create a newsletter like other authors that I know once I get my Master’s degree and begin the process of submitting my manuscript as well as, looking at writing a journal to be published, but that is not a guarantee.

What are your thoughts on the newsletter via email? Any suggestions? If you read a newsletter, or would, what would you like to see in it?

Have a great day.

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