Behind Glass by Elle Scott

Today, Cursed Lands box set has been released and the following is my review on one of the stories found within this boxed set.

“Kai decided that memories brought pain. Droplets of hot water cascaded over his body. He stood in the shower, hanging his head, hands pressed against the tiles to support himself. Eden wasn’t the only one who’d remembered things overnight. Visions of his long-forgotten past careened through his mind on a loop. Snippets that he’d caught over the last few days turned into a whole. Eighteen full years”.

This excerpt found at the beginning of chapter 18 in Elle Scott’s Behind Glass in the Cursed Lands box set of paranormal and fantasy stories is just a small piece of the pie from another masterpiece by this author. We are being drawn into the story even further through Kai’s perspective, although an outside source is narrating the story. The narrator smoothly and effortlessly furthers the development of this character through Kai’s emotions and setting.

I have always been amazed and impressed with Ms. Scott’s writing style and her ability to capture me on every page of her world. As a writer myself, she inspires and encourages me also to follow my passion; to look beyond the realm of my comfort zone.

In this story we find two teens struggling to remember. One begins to remember much quicker than the other. Kai is willing to do whatever it takes to protect Eden and their kind-the Nephilim. I am not one that enjoys having a story revealed to me by another whether it is a book, movie or tv show. I would much rather find out for myself what happens. Isn’t that why we read, watch movies and shows to see what happens. Intrigue, suspense, mystery and such are what draws us to these tales.

What I will tell you is that things are not always what they appear to be on the surface in this tale. This tale isn’t just about angels and demons; it is about finding yourself through your past and the present and finding yourself through others and with others and fighting for what is right and what you believe in no matter the cost.

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