The Shadow Society by Elle Scott

I write this review solely for Elle Scott’s “The Shadow Society” which is in this anthology/collection of books Academy of Magic, filled with imagination. Once again, Ms. Scott doesn’t disappoint. She takes you the reader on a journey through the eyes of a young girl for much of the story, although it is not necessarily told from her perspective. We do see and feel what Sage is feeling and seeing. Ms. Scott’s skills at writing always amaze me. She has a way of drawing you into a fantastical place through her character’s eyes in such a way that it is hard to put into words, well, for me at least. 🙂
We see Sage grow throughout the twists and turns in her life. We are given some of her past, not too much and not too little. It’s just enough for us to sympathize with her. Understand her. Her need to be in control. To help others and try to see the best in others even if she can’t see that in herself. How trues is that for us in the real world? How many of us either struggle with seeing the best in ourselves or know someone who does? It is for these questions as well as, Ms. Scott’s writing that I admire what she is doing and will always be thankful that I happened to find her not 3 years ago on a whim.

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