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Kissing Luca by Kate Kisset: My review

36004096After reading Kate Kisset’s Napa Crush, it not only became a favorite of mine, but I wanted to know more about Luca and Danica’s backstory. Always faithful, loyal and listening to her readers, Ms. Kisset wrote this chapter Kissing Luca to satisfy our hunger for how their love story started. I would be lying if I said that I did not want even more of their backstory. Lying if I did not want Ms. Kisset to indulge my cravings for more Luca and Danica’s high school years.
Ms. Kisset once again has done a wonderful job in drawing the reader into the story through the emotions she implements into the story. Through the senses and most importantly, through her skills at creating believable and relatable characters and the world that is closer than you think. Further, it amazes me how Ms. Kisset can dive inside the mind of a teenager so flawlessly. I can barely remember how I looked at life when I was a teenager. Barely remember the hormones raging or feeling of innocence. Do not get me wrong, I have mental memories of those years, but remembering the emotions is a whole different ball game.
Through Danica’s eyes, I could reminisce along with her through Ms. Kisset’s ability to transport me there into Danica’s world. Remembering the nervousness of the crushes that I too once had. Prepping and failing at prepping to make a good impression. Wondering if there would be a next time. The moment or scene that I love most from this chapter/prequel is the moment that Luca and Danica are in the hallway. This moment was just as sweet if not sweeter than what happened in her purple bedroom. Perhaps, it is because of the innocence of these two teenagers, the nervousness surrounding them like a circle that made the beginning of what they both wanted so special.
If you haven’t read Napa Crush yet, you must read that before reading this. If you haven’t read any of Ms. Kisset’s tales from Wine Country, then I say- WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR???? I can promise you that you will not regret it. Discover who may be your favorite couple and allow them to take you along on their journey of love and adventure.

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