“Cascading River”

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“Cascading River”

Along the path you can hear it…the gentle flowing of the river beyond.  As you approach, the sound grows, begins to roar.  Through the trees it appears, the stones glistening under the water as it flows.  Renewing nature in its path.  Refreshing.

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I Stand to Show My Respect

Who will Stand?

Lynn Dove's Journey Thoughts

We have lost something very valuable in Canada, and the United States: RESPECT.  We have lost respect on the national political global scene, as well as respect for one another in our own countries.  We do not value each other or the contributions we have made on the world stage or in our own back yards.  Social media allows bullying of the most insidious manner, by famous and infamous name-callers who use the most offensive language to demean, degrade and defame a person(s) on a world-wide scale.  There is no such thing as “freedom of speech” because there is no respect for anyone who has a differing opinion.  Divisiveness abounds in our culture.  Our catch word is “tolerance” but the reality is anything but that.  Hate-filled rhetoric is launched at us from all directions.  Even our world leaders resort to a cacophony of name-calling that is petty and childish.

Many people use…

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Why North Korea is a Serious Issue


HarsH ReaLiTy

I am going to try and write this not as a Korean American adoptee. I am going to write this from a different perspective than a vet that was trained as a maintainer. I will try to address this as if I were not an American that loves the people of Korea and the United States.

But I cannot.

I write this post because I am all those things.

North Korea is heavy on my mind and has caused me to lose sleep. It is a serious issue. I understand why people think that nothing has changed. I get why people might think that all the combative words between Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump are just business as usual for the two, and if the words are a bit heated… so were the words during World War I,II, and the Vietnam War. The thing is that most people only…

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A Recipe for Bedtime

Maximus Octavian

20170925_122934 (615x640)

Baby, baby soft and sweet,
Almost good enough to eat!
It’s night-night time so come with me,
And hear my bedtime recipe.

A classic baby bedtime book with a perfect lullaby ending.

‘A brilliant bedtime story.’ ~ Guardian

My Review:

I must say, I was not expecting this book to so adorable! It rhymes, which is a hit with most children, so this is definitely a plus. And don’t worry; no children are eaten, although from the description, I thought that was indeed the case. Absolutely delightful.

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The Problem with Tough Love in Eating Disorder Recovery



When I talk to people who lived through my anorexia with me, the overwhelming theme is that people didn’t know how they could help me.

They felt their hands were tied. They saw their friend/daughter/sister rapidly wasting away right before their eyes, and they felt helpless.

They didn’t know how to get through to me. They didn’t want to say the wrong thing and trigger a blow up or melt down. And yet they wanted to express their concern.

Meanwhile, I was pushing everyone away, withdrawing from the world, so that I could be alone with my eating disorder, not having to show my friends how sick my mind really was.

And people had their different approaches. Some worked. And some definitely didn’t.

But looking back, I’ve come to realize that above all else, there is one thing that is paramount when it comes to dealing with eating disorder sufferers…

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