Since the last time that I wrote to all of you, I obtained my MA in English and Creative writing. Now I’m in my first semester in the MFA program. Each semester I will be expected to write 9 craft essays, read nine books not including the common read for residency and revise and work on 30 pages of my thesis/novel. It is exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time but it will be worth it one day. Also, since I last wrote, I stopped work on my fantasy novel and I’m focusing all of my attention on a work that has been in my heart for many years.

As I looked back at its predecessors I realized how my writing has grown and how ridiculous some of my previous writing really is. I guess that is why revision is so important. My writing has improved and I have God to thank for that because he has given me this gift and has given me the opportunity to be able to go to school over the past 7 years in order for me to improve my writing. Practice makes perfect, right?

Finally, I have thought long and hard about the predecessor to my current work. Should I revise it in its entirety? Please know that it is a very long work-893 pages to be exact. I’ve learned that not everything needs to be said that a writer can hint at things without revealing every tiny detail of one’s life and the world around them. With that said, I may revise a good chunk of it and create two prequels to this or perhaps just one. You the reader may not want to see my character go from one man to another and all the chaos in between and what the switch brings to her world. Maybe just hints through flashbacks will be enough and I can just have one prequel.

The working title will be either Tangled Love or Thorns of Love.

Although, if I decide to do two prequels then both titles could work.

Let me know what you think.

Be blessed.

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