When did you start writing?

I wrote my first story when I was about 8 or 9.

What was it about?

Well, it’s been a while, and a bit embarrassing in some ways, but it was about my first crush. An actor on one of the TV series that I used to watch.

Is that how you started? What I mean is, did that pave the way for your writing?

Yes, pretty much. I remember really enjoying writing the story and enjoying the feelings that I was experiencing while writing the story.

Would you mind telling our readers what those feelings were?

Sure. I felt as if I was in that world that I was writing about. It was exciting to be someone not only older than I was, but experiencing things that I hadn’t experienced or probably would have.

So, is the genre of romance your preferred focus or do you dabble in other genres?

It is and has always been my main focus, but I have dabbled in a couple of other areas. Poetry is something that I just recently came across during my time at SNHU, and I did start a fantasy romance drama a while back.

Now, before we get to the poetry and SNHU, could you explain a little bit about the fantasy romance drama that you started?

Of course, a few years back I met another writer at a social media network and we began working on a story together. This story was different from my normal plot and style.

How was it different?

My stories are normally set in the time that I’m writing. For example: My first story was written in the 70’s, second one in the 80’s and so forth. They focus not just on romance but also implement controversial issues, such as domestic violence, abortions, spirituality, and such. This story that I started focused more on the plot and the setting took place in two different times and places. To further explain this, one of the characters is on a path to save his world from an evil entity, and the setting is similar to a medieval period. At the same time, you see a character in our present time and world being led on a predestined path to help the other character. Normally, I focus on one character’s view of the world around them. The fantasy story is written from two different perspectives and times.

Intriguing. Do you have any plans on finishing that story?

Yes, it is possible, but right now my main focus is on continuing the series that I started when I was fifteen.

What can your readers expect from this series?

In this series, there will be lots of drama, suspense, growth, love in its varied forms and actions, as well as, some spirituality.

I see that faith and music seem to play a role in writing, could you elaborate a little more?

Sure, I’ve believed in God my entire life. My grandmother began talking to me about God when I was four. I’ve found that my faith has gotten me through a lot of tough times in my life, and that is why I decided to implement that into my stories. Also, a few of the Christina based books that I’ve read have helped me in certain scenes in the series that I’m working on. With that said, some might view the music of choice throughout my stories as being the opposite of my faith and belief, however, during those times, I was not walking close to God.

I do not regret the choices in music for certain scenes in my stories as they helped me to build the scenes and characters. The music that I chose is a part of the stories that I write. If I ever write Christian based stories, then music will still play a role, but it will be Christian based music.

Just a two more questions, if you don’t mind.

No problem.

Tell us about poetry and SNHU.

Poetry was something that I came into while attending SNHU. After years of waiting, I was finally able to pursue an education in writing. Currently, I am working on a Bachelor’s in Creative Writing at SNHU, and that is where I fully found and understood poetry. Before SNHU, I thought that poetry was too technical, like grammar, so I steered away from it. However, that was and is not the case. Poetry I’ve discovered is an expressive way to describe your thoughts, feelings, and anything that you want to talk about.

What are a couple of things that your readers may not know about you and that might surprise them?

Well, the non shocking things would be that I love animals and trees, but what might surprise them is that I’m a big fan of the Hulk. That is the Incredible Hulk from back in the late 70’s and early 80’s. I’ve seen every episode with Bill Bixby and Lou Ferrigno, as well as, the movies. He is pretty much my favorite superhero

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