Just A Kiss by Kate Kissett


First, thank you to Ms. Kisset for this book. This is the type of story that is grounded and a little fantastical at the same time. What makes this is a story that is grounded is the main character -Sarah Dupont. She is an average everyday person trying to move past heartache in her life and continue her dream of owning a cafe. Where it becomes fantastical is her encounter with a hearthrob movie star. As a reader, you are drawn into their world through Ms. Kissett’s technique in dialogue, plot, and the three keys- conflict, crisis and resolution. Each of these elements kept me intrigued and wanting more. I was and am pleasantly surprised at how quickly I read this story. I just couldn’t put it down. Besides, wanting to see what else happens with Sarah, I want to go to visit a few vineyards. I think the best time would be in the fall. Ms. Kissett did a great job with her description of the colors in the vineyards, and giving just little hints at the scenery around Sarah and the other characters in this romantic tale. Definitely looking forward to more stories from Kate Kissett.



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