Lie or a joke

This short devotional from GoTandem says so much in just a small amount of words.

It speaks of the comparison between a person with a dangerous weapon and one who likes to a friend but then says, I was only joking.

I thought of my young granddaughter when she was staying with us. She would get confused with joking and lying. The innocence of youth. I can’t honestly remember the situations that she would say she was joking, but it bothered me then that she not only didn’t grasp the concept of truth and lies, but that perhaps at such a young age she was learning to be deceitful.

During the remainder of her stay, her “joking” was less frequent. Reading this devotional not only reminded me of my granddaughter, but it made me question myself. Have I ever told a friend or relative that I was only joking?

I think that sometimes we see little white lies or fibs as harmless. See that they initially spare someone’s feelings, however, isn’t that a lie to ourselves. Seeing fibs and little white lies as harmless is one our misperception at the surface. These falsities are just as deadly as the bigger lies as the seed is being planted and spreading throughout like a weed.

We lie to ourselves and deceive ourselves if we believe that white lies/fibs are harmless. It is not easy to always refrain from sinning but what I am learning in my walk with God is that we need to keep praying, keep reading our Bible and keep being honest with ourselves and with God.

God bless.

CRAZY BOWMEN via @goTandem

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