Book Review: EverMarked by Elle Scott

Where I’ve never been before

I have been a fan of Elle Scott for a few years now. It all started as a journey out of my comfort zone and into the future. A future that is known as dystopian in the literary world. Normally I wouldn’t explore that genre but I figured that I would give it a go. Her first book “Ray of Light” is part of the “Incandescent Series and I signed up for her newsletters which is how I found out about “Ray of Light” and became an instant fan. Her newsletters and her stories are genuine, personable and Ms. Scott always reaches out and responds to her followers/fans.
Flash forward to the present and to her new series Shadow Guardians. Again, I find myself exploring uncharted territories and again, Elle Scott doesn’t disappoint. I typically don’t follow paranormal stories, but this story intrigued me right from the beginning. The way that she separated her chapters is excellent in that she took the time to let us know the time of day and did so without slowing the story. Her skill at setting in this genre in this story is impeccable. I recently finished my Master’s in Writing and found myself appreciating her writing, her skills even more. She not only entertained me and showed me a new world, but her work inspires me and helps me with how I want to write and should. Moving onto the story- we are being told this story from an outside perspective which begs the question -who is watching Leila ‘s life unfold. Right from the beginning, we are thrown into the action, the mystery, and intrigue. Leila has a strange glowing mark on her arm but doesn’t know how it got there. Her boyfriend and best friend Riley helps her on her journey to find out how there and who put it there. Throughout the story we are led by the narrator along twists and turns trying to find out who marked Leila, why and if she will be a good guardian or a fallen one. The fallen are the ones killing people in the woods and doing other strange things. The story ends as it should but does it really end? On a final note, throughout this story, you will find yourself second guessing the suspects, friends, enemies and yourself.evermarked by elle scott

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