If I had….

If I had a time machine it would be too tempting to want to turn back time.

If I had to structure my time in order to be able to write more, it would look like this:


Do you see the nothingness? It is nothingness, because I feel incompetent.

It is nothingness because there is too much to do. At times, I feel as if I’m drowning in a sea of nothingness, in a sea filled with too much tasks and not enough of the life saving time.

In a hypothetical and magical world where I could get things done that need to be done; in a world where I had time to write. I would embrace myself into the world of my stories. I would edit my sequel, and begin working on the next book. I would spend days just sitting at my desk, enveloped by my story. Tuning out all of the distractions and responsibilities.

2 thoughts on “If I had….

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  1. I feel that way sometimes, too. One friend of mine started making a “Things Done” list rather than a “To Do” list, just so help control that overwhelming feeling. I thought that was really smart.

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