How Awesome is God!!!

Gods Light Christian Ministry

From time to time God blesses me with moments where I get to see just a little glimpse at just how absolutely AWESOME He is.

How does He do this?  Well God gives me these moments that I have termed, “I am absolutely nothing and You God are more than everything” moments.

Let me share one I had just this evening.  Turns out my brand new riding lawn mower decided to take a little vacation and it first refused to start and then when it did start it blew huge puffs of white smoke out the side of it.  Now I freely admit that I barely know which end of a hammer to use so fixing anything like this is well beyond my means.

So as I am sitting on my riding lawn mower, letting the thoughts of how much this was going to cost me consume my mind and…

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About jazzyjenness

I'm the mother of three girls, a Grammy to two little girls, a girlfriend and we have a cat with many nick names, depending on his mood and activity, or lack thereof. I've been writing since I was about 8 or 9, and it is something that I love to do. When we read books, we do it for entertainment, escape, and education; the three E's. These are also the reasons why I write, to entertain, educate and escape. My desire is not just to do what I love, but I want to give hope and inspiration to others through my stories. Currently, I am working on obtaining my Master's degree in Creative Writing and hope to also become an instructor at my school one day and teach Fiction Workshop.
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