Kiss and Makeup by Stephanie Damore

This is the second book in Stephanie Damore’s Beauty Secrets Mystery Series. I will be posting my review of her two others after this one. “Kiss & Makeup” is the second installment in Stephanie Damore’s Beauty Secrets Mystery Books. It is the continuing story of Ziva Diaz and her knack for getting into trouble and finding dead bodies. Ms. Damore creates characters that are real. Characters that remind us of someone we know or even want to know. Her story although fiction does not give me the feel of fiction as the setting, characters, and day to day life of her main character, Ziva, is so genuine and relatable.

Ms. Damore implements mystery, romance, love, family, and humor in her work which creates a wonderful world. A wonderful way to be able to see how others live and if there are others like us out in the world. For myself, I find that I am very similar to Ziva. We both know that our eating habits alone should motivate us to exercise more, but we dread it. J We love lattes, coffee, and all things sweet. We both at times want to eat as if we were not ladies because the food is that good.


Ziva had her broken so she is not looking for love but in the earlier story, “Makeup and Murder” she found it, however, throughout most of this current story she fights her feelings.  Ziva has a big heart and is always willing to help her family, friends, and those close to her out when they need it. This story is more than entertainment as it carries life lessons for us all. Never judge a book by its cover (No pun intended), be true to yourself, loyalty, family is important, and justice will always prevail. I am grateful that I came across Ms. Damore’s work and look forward to seeing what other mischief Ziva gets herself into.

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